10 Best Dialer and Contacts Apps for Android Device in 2023

by Rabh, Friday, 24 February 2023 (9 months ago)
10 Best Dialer and Contacts Apps for Android Device in 2023

Android devices rarely give updates for its dialer and contact applications. We always keep up to date versions of apps except dialer and contacts. And at some point, we get fed up with using dialers with the same old look. There are so many dialer and contact apps available for the Android devices with amazing features and looks.

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List of 10 Best Dialer and Contacts Apps

Here is the list of 10 best dialer and contacts apps for Android devices.

  • TrueCaller
  • Drupe
  • True Phone Dialer and Contacts
  • Dialer+
  • Eyecon
  • Contacts+
  • OS13 Dialer
  • Clever Dialer
  • My Photo Phone Dialer
  • Simpler Caller ID – Contact and Dialer


Truecaller is one of the best dialer and contact applications in Android. Its dialer is so simple with a satisfying size. It not only stores the saved contacts but also stores the unknown contacts recognized by truecaller as its main feature is recognizing the unknown numbers. Truecaller shows the caller id of the unknown caller. It also provides messaging services and payment services. Spam calls and messages are automatically blocked by the app, saving you some efforts. Gestures make it easy to call or message.


If you want more options under your fingers from the dialer, drope is the best dialer. You can hold a number and can select what to perform- a phone call, SMS, WhatsApp text, WhatsApp call, email, just from a single touch. You can also choose what the app shows when a call ends. Call recording, themes, and also calculator in dialer are available in this app. Honestly, the best app to perform that many actions with a single tap. Caller id, spam blocks features also provided.

True Phone Dialer and Contacts

True Phone dialer and contacts provide the features of caller id tracking. It lets you know the identity of an unknown incoming call just like truecaller. Many themes, dark mode, simple look, speed calls, and so many other call-related features are available. You can check yourself and you will not be disappointed by this app. You can set the incoming call screen too.


It is a simple dialer with unknown incoming calls tracker. Dialer+ also provides its messaging app. You can select the light or dark theme which suits you best and for which callers the pop-up tab appears. Automatic contacts sync, speed dial, search makes it easy to handle the contacts. In the dialer, there is a simple bar to see the incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. The interface is user-friendly, easy to use.


Eyecon is one of the best apps with an amazing attractive interface. You can change the background color and size of the shown contacts, sort them according to name or usage. This app manages the contacts so well and in a grid manner. Caller id options are the same as truecaller. That’s all. A simple, attractive with no complexity dialer and contact application.


Contacts+ app is the dialer and contacts app with its own messaging app. Not only that, but it also blocks spam calls and messages with the caller id and blocks feature. White/dark themes are available in it. Speed dial, fast dialer search, double-tap to call, call recording, and smart contact sorts are the features of this app. This app can also merge the duplicate contacts in your device. The call log tab is so simple and easy to handle.

OS13 Dialer

If you want the look of Apple dialer in your Android devices…OS13 dialer is the best app for you. It lets you experience the iOS dialer and contacts look. The interface is so simple and easy to use. It is the replica of the iOS dialer. There are no complex features in this app. You can easily manage your contacts and call logs with simplicity.

Clever Dialer

Clever Dialer has a simple interface with call identification features. It identifies the unknown calls and blocks it if it is a spam. Contacts log has a simple look too and supports dual sim. The size of the app is so small and no complex structure is there. Easily handle your call logs and contacts and manage the settings for unknown callers to protect yourself. It also gives built-in call recording features.

My Photo Phone Dialer

If you want to give your dialer and its background a manual picture change, this is the best app. You can set the color of the keypad and set any photo as the app’s background. Also, you can choose the incoming call screen. Call recorder is its built-in feature. This app has a minimal design containing three tabs only. First is favorite contacts, second is call history and third tab is contacts.

Simpler Caller ID – Contact and Dialer

If you want simplicity in your dialer app and minimal design, this is the right app. This app is easy to use with its user-friendly interface. You can merge the duplicate contacts and identify the unknown numbers. This app also categorizes contacts in unused contacts, no name contacts, or no number of contacts categories. It’s so easy to manage the contacts in this app. With an automatic backup of contacts, you don’t need to worry about the contacts.

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